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Wealth Creation Services


A financial Plan is the roadmap to financial success. The purpose of financial planning is to clarify your objectives, set a realistic timetable for achieving them and organize your financial resources to support your plan. In Canada taxes are one of the  biggest obstacle to the creation, maintenance and preservation of independent wealth. Tax planning would be an integral part of your financial plan so as to minimize your family overall tax liability.

Our Financial planning service is  advice only and not tied to the sale of any financial products, this ensures are advice is independent and objective to your financial circumstances. We provide advice in the following areas of personal finance: 


  • Tax Planning and tax structuring

  • Retirement Planning and pension advice

  • Investment Planning advice and implementation

  • Insurance Planning

  • Education Planning- Child education saving plans

  • Estate Planning

  • Cash Flow  Management

  • Debt restructure

  • Financial planning

  • Personal budget

  • Asset protection

  • investment strategy

  • Property purchase


    Pricing for these services depend on the scope of the engagement.

  For more information call us at 647-848-9432 to arrange your appointment or you can send us an email

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