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Non-Resident & International Tax


If you are looking to expand your business into other part of the world, we will assist you in making this happen.International taxation is complex and you need the services of a Chartered Professional Accountant, who will assist you with understanding international business transactions, complete the necessary compliance requirements, while minimizing your worldwide taxes situation.


  • Understanding the geographical, cultural and local environment

  • Investment environment and incentives

  • Financial facilities

  • Exchange controls

  • Import/Export regulation

  • Structure for doing business ( Joint ventures, Subsidiaries, Branches, Representative offices, etc)

  • Requirements for the establishment of a business ( regulations, government approvals, business law, insurance, licenses etc)

  • Operation of the business ( advertising, lawyer, Bookkeeping and accounting, consumer protection, price control, etc)

  • Cessation or termination of business

  • Taxation on corporations and individuals

  • Labor legislation ( termination, employment regulation, hiring and firing, unions etc.)

  • Immigration requirements

  • Expatriate employees

  • General Tax consequences

   Pricing for these services depend on the scope of the engagement.

  For more information call us at 647-848-9432 to arrange your appointment or you can send us an email

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