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How To Start a Business


Starting and running a business can be a very successful endeavor, however a significant number of new businesses fail to reach their anniversary date. This is often as a result of failing to plan for their business undertaking. Building a good foundation is the key to a rewarding and successful business.  


  • Prepare a business plan

  • Financing and cash flow

  • Review licenses and legal requirements

  • Determine the right business structure ( Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, etc.)

  • Business name registration

  • Taxation ( GST, HST, Income  taxes)

  • Staffing and mentors

  • Starting off right ( start on a shoestring, research, keep debts low, improve knowledge, etc.)

  • Market  product or service

  • Keep customers happy


    Pricing for these services depend on the scope of the engagement.

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Key Elements
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