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Personal Income Taxes


We would take the hassle of preparing and filing your personal income tax return. We provide an honest and accurate preparation of income tax returns. With the ever-changing world of tax law, we can save you a lot of time and worry and ensure that you don't miss the opportunity to put money back into your pocket.

We would e-file your return directly to CRA, this ensures that you get an instant acknowledgement from CRA after e-filing your return and also get your refund in about 10 working days.

  • Employment Income returns

  • Self Employed Returns

  • Commission Income

  • Investment Income

  • Sole Proprietor 

  • Partnership returns

  • Rental Property Income

  • Capital Gains

  • Review of Prior Year Tax return

  • Tax Planning

  • Non Residence Tax Returns

   Find below the pricing for personal tax service.

      Call us at 647-848-9432 or send us an email for an initial consultation.


  Personal tax services Prices

Personal servies fees
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