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Corporate Income Taxes


As a Chartered Professional Accountant, we can prepare the corporate tax return for your company, whether small or large.

A corporation is a distinct legal entity and the corporation's profits are not yours simply to take. To extract funds from your corporation you must follow the correct methods .


When preparing corporate tax returns for your business, our focus is on minimizing your tax bill, through creation of tax saving strategies to help you and your company save more money.

You must file your corporate tax return within 6 months of your corporation's year end.

Our services go beyond the preparation of your tax return, we also provide professional advice and services related to:

  • Corporate Income Tax Return Preparation

  • Business Incorporation

  • Accounting system set up

  • Monthly and Quarterly Bookkeeping Services

  • Payroll Services

  • Dividend Planning

  • HST & WSIB Filings

  • Tax Planning

    Call us at 647-848-9432 or send us an email for an initial consultation. 

  Fees for Corporate tax services

corporate tax fees
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